—  NEW Josiah Blee signature skate
—  New boot + liner lacing system & foot strap support
—  New Remz liner ft. 12mm PU shock absorber
—  True-Balance Remz boot
—  57mm/90a Remz Josiah Blee wheels
—  Remz one-piece soulplate
—  42 mm anti-rocker wheels
—  Replaceable backslide plates
—  Ground Control FeatherLite3 frames
—  ABEC7 bearings

Meet Seattle street ripper and Remz team rider Josiah Blee's first ever signature skate, Remz's newest weapon: the Josiah Blee Pro Model.

For this new release we took its winning formula and streamlined it with a front lacing system securing the foot in place while slimming the back of the boot for a contoured slick look. The result is a lighter skate without compromising comfort and support, all packed in a classic and stylish black/grey/white color scheme.

We adapted the liner technology developed on the previous Nils Pro to create a new design featuring an integrated boot+liner lacing system locking it in place and giving the skate a solid feel, as well as an updated anatomic tongue providing great support and comfort.

An exciting new release, this new Josiah Blee skate will please both the Remz fans and those new to the brand, pick up a pair!

MORE PICS OF THE JOSIAH PRO COMING SOON.. thank you for the support!!

—  Nils Jansons signature skate
—  redesigned Remz liner w/ more ankle support
—  New generation 'True-Balance' Remz boot
—  12mm hi-impact PU shock absorber
—  Reinforced HR (High Resilience) skin structure
—  Composite outer materials (man-made)
—  Rear lacing System w/ waxed laces
—  57mm/88a Nils Jansons wheels
—  Replaceable backslide plate
—  Ground Control FeatherLite3 frame
—  Remz one-piece soulplate
—  42 mm anti-rocker wheels
—  ABEC7 bearings

For this release Remz took all the proven components of the Nils 1.0 and spiced it up with new features and a white/red reminiscent of Remz legacy color scheme chosen by Nils that will appeal both to the aficionados and those new to Remz.

On the outside the skin is thoroughly reinforced to provide a tighter fit + maximum durability and the lacing system is also slightly modified from the 1.0 to provide better support. On the inside of the boot the all new liner was personally chosen & tested by Nils Jansons over many months and features a supportive lacing system, a comfortable neoprene toe box as well as a Remz's new high-impact shock absorber. The new liner's ankle shape and tongue are also redesigned using new foams/ inserts to provide more ankle support in a thinner package, resulting in a more compact and responsive skate overall.

"After all the improvements and tests I couldn't be happier with the final product. 1.5 is a high performance skate mixed with pure comfort, style and freedom." - Nils.

The Nils Pro 1.5 comes stock with top components such as GC FTL3 frames and Nils 57mm wheels. Perfect mix of technicality, comfort and style as always. Freedom-of-feet approved. Nils Jansons approved.