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Nils Jansons
Riga, Latvia.
Josiah Blee
Seattle, Washinghton.
Jo Zenk
Münster, Germany.
Zach Pavel
Denver, Colorado.
Evert Lubja
Tallinn, Estonia.
Ollie Jones
Bristol, UK.
Michael Witzemann
Feldkirch, Austria.
Chris Haffey
San Clemente, California.

HR2.0 | The Remedyz

This new HR2.0 is our latest blend of technique style and comfort, a true weapon in disguise flowing straight from the brand’s long line of proven and innovative ideas.

We kept the design fresh and streamlined and put together an all new liner with updated support & comfort, but less bulk. We also reinforced the patterns all around and went with a new ankle strap system for a snugger fit (the skate stays compatible with buckles if you'd rather go that way), and plenty more tasty goodies! The Remz solid one piece soul frame offers a smooth grind and as always with our renowned classic Remz models the skin and plastic components are connected together to give this new High Resiliency 2.0 skate the renowned and unique remz “freedom-of-feet” support/flex combination, unique hybrid hard/soft boot technology.

The Remz HR2.0 comes fully loaded with Ground Control FeatherLite 3 frames and top shelf GC 64mm wheels w/ anti rocker setup.

- New High Resilience design
- Original Remz freedom-of-feet skate concept
- New ergonomic Remz liner ft/ Neoprene toe box
- High impact shock absorber
- One piece Soul Frame
- Ground Control FLT 3 frame
- 64mm GC wheels
- 42 mm anti-rocker wheels
- Sizes: 6-13, and 10.5

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